Friday, October 30, 2009

Forgotten God?

It has been a really long time since my last (and one and only) blog. I really need to get better at being a blogger since I have so many friends that are good at it ... Right? But what do you blog about? Most of you know my day to day routine and what is going on so I feel like typing about it is kind of mundane. Maybe not. Give me feedback on that.

With that being said, I was thinking about something last night that is still on my mind and on my heart. In this day and age, with the world seeming to have more and more "bad" happening daily, I have to wonder if our God is becoming a forgotten God. ?? You may be wondering what I mean by that, and it is simply this. We all pray, we all attend church - or don't but that personally to me does not mean your faith is lacking, and we all "know" that there is a God that is watching over us and answering prayers when He knows the time is right for them to be answered. And by my saying "we" I mean those of us in our "circle" of friends and aquaintances. There IS a bigger purpose in God's eyes than this. Or at least that is what I believe. And I personally have been trying harder to be a better woman of God.

He has given us a gift. Literally. I want you all to think about this. With Christmas fast approaching what are we all doing? Shopping for Christmas gifts for our friends and loved ones, right? We love seeing their faces light up when they open up a gift that we have wrapped up so pretty and neat especially for them. We thrive in the excitement it brings them to see the thoughtfulness we put into something just for them. Isn't that what our Lord has done for us? He wrapped His gift to us perfectly and so beautiful. Just for us. Each and every single one of us. And most of us (and I include myself) have sat with this gift still wrapped up nice and neat (collecting dust) without opening it. Some of us honestly haven't even lifted one end of it or taken the bow off of it yet. I personally am beginning to re-open my gift that God has given me. I want to be better at voicing God's love to each of you and to new faces alike. I do not want to "suffocate" the precious gift of life and unconditional love He has given me. All of the blessings he has honestly bestowed on me and my family.

So, I challenge all of you to look within yourselves, and during this holiday season while you are shopping for all of the perfect gifts to wrap up for everyone you love, remember to unwrap the amazing gift that your Father has given to you already. Because no matter what is going on in your life, or the mood you may wake up with, He still loves you. And what He wants you to do is to love Him back and to love others. Share His word. The faith he has given you the choice to have. Enjoy the holiday. Enjoy the tradition of gift exchanging and indulging in the delicious food everyone prepares. But also remember the Reason for the Season, and not just during the season. Remember daily. Treat Him as your best friend, because He is the best friend you will ever have. Some of us do not go a day without calling our "best friend" to chit chat. So don't go a day without calling Him and telling him about your day and thanking him for having the day you just had.